Etymon: paTTaN, pattan, patan

Raoul Martens raoul at MARTENS.PP.SE
Sun Nov 16 10:40:45 UTC 1997

Dear Kalyan,

Re. Thillaud's linking this etymon to av. peretuS (ford)
see de Manteyer, Georges: Les ports, les gues et les cols
des voies primitives en Europe selon les dialects indo-
europeens, Gap 1930. de Manteyer collected more than 5000
toponyms along rivers in Europe from the Black Sea via the
Mediterranean to the Atlantic and the Baltic Seas having
prefixes brat-, bret-, brit-, brot-, brut-; part-, pert-,
pirt-, port-, purt-; rat- ret-, rit-, rot-, rut-. He con-
cluded that all these etymons originated in Asia Minor.
However, acc. to genetics Africa could be real origin.

All the best, sincerely Raoul Martens

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