Etymon: paTTaN, pattan, patan

Peter J. Claus pclaus at HAYWIRE.CSUHAYWARD.EDU
Sun Nov 16 18:45:30 UTC 1997


Dominique wrote:
>On another note, are haTTa (market) and paTTi relatable?

>        Improbable. An evolution 'p' > 'h' is phonetically acceptable (it
>occurs in the Celtic and Armenian domains: skr. pra- = ir. ro ; gallish
>-ritu = ford ; the Hercynian forrest comes probably from perkus "oak" ;
>skr. padam = arm. het) but I don't know any example in Indian one.
>Moreover, both senses are not well linked and *if* the evolution 'rt' >
>'TT' is acceptable (no answers), the root hR- (via hartR ?) would be a
>better candidate ...

The  p > h is regular from Old to Contemporary Kannada.  And occurs in the
word 'haTTI' meaning 'a dwelling place, a hamlet, fortress-like
settlement, esp. of Gollas and several other communities.'

Whether this word, paTTI or haTTi, is related to paTTam / paTNam is the

Peter Claus

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