Rolf Heiner Koch roheko at MSN.COM
Sat Nov 15 13:33:26 UTC 1997

dhyAna-nigraha. Does anybody of the members came
across early (or later) buddhist scriptures that
use the term dhyAna (Pali jhAna) as "thought"
rather than as "meditation"? Moreover knows
somebody a source where the combination of jhAna
together with nigraha (Pali niggaha) is to be
According to my sources, the term dhyAna as
"thought" is only to be find in the vedic
The problem: In Jain literature the earliest
canonical sources use always indriya-nigraha, in
the later commentaries it is indriya-nirodha, only
some instances are to be find with niggaha:
jhAna-niggaha and (more intesting:)
tava-kodha-niggaha (Skt tapas-krodha-nigraha).
Now the scholars are writing that jhAna-niggaha is
the attempt of the Jains to incorporate an early
buddhist thought into the Jain-system. But where
in the buddhist literature there are examples for
this thesis?

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