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Bhadraiah Mallampalli


Please let me introduce myself.  I am an Electrical Engineering graduate with
masters in Industrial Management and I am working as a computer programmer in
NY city.

The subject of Veda needs no introduction.

I am 37 years old and I was first introduced to the subject of Indology in
1974 by my classmate and friend.  At that time I felt that while our ancient
seers acquired the highest realization and recorded many aspects of it, we
may be still missing many links that can enable us to follow their path and
actually experience the same.

I have been studying some of literature on indology and I have been
practicing some basic form of yoga and meditation.  Unfortunately I have no
formal knowledge of Sanskrit or Vedas or Vedangas in the traditional sense,
that is Vedic Ritual or chanting etc.  My area of work has been primarily
practice of prANAyAma, observation of the working of the mind and
interpreting the scriptures to suit the prANAyAma.

Throughout 1980s, I was studying the upanishads. I got some important
insights about prANa in 1981, and with the grace of those who taught me, in
1984 I had a chance to rediscover the science behind the breathing cycle in
the theory of Sevenfold sAmA.  In 1990 when I started studying the brAhmaNas
and other Vedic texts I started to see many important relationships that have
not been discussed in other popular literature for the last two thousand
years.  These pieces quickly fell into place leading towards the formulation
of a Vedic theory of mind.

For a long time I have been planning to write a book, but it never worked
out.  Study of Veda is an ever developing subject.  It is like learning to
drive an automobile; if you know the basic controls and got your instruction
and license, you can see places!

In July 1997, I created a website

.. to record my findings.  I designed this site to have the look and feel of
a truely Vedic forum.  The salient hilights of this site are:

- Most of the information presented at the site is free for downnload to PCs
or intranets or it can be printed or redistributed or even sold/resold for a
profit subject to some conditions.

-  Any number of compatible sites can be developed by anyone else based on
the informaton presented at this site to deal with similar subjects.

-  The rights to maintain the site belong to person who has the knowledge.
 Any one who proves his or her knowledge and competence can claim to be the
owner of the site, and the current owner will renounce all rights to the
claimant.  A simple e-mail to the site owner should be enough.  Voting to
change the site owner the shame of site administrator.

-  The material presented at the site will imitate the Vedic style to the
best of the knowledge and abilities of individual authors who contribute; and
the site will be developed the same way Veda itself was developed.

-  The material presented at the site is subject to scientific inquiry, and
any adverse results will force a revision of the material.  The changes will
be recorded permanently with the signature of the person proposing the

-  The site is still under development.  Within the next 12 months, I expect
to present most of my findings of the last 24 years.  I have a 10-12 hour
work day with a 3 hour commute and I am also quite busy at home.  I apologize
if I can not bring out new topics in reasonable time.

-  Behind each topic presented at the site, there is an underlying meditation
or a prANAyAmA.  The materials presented are calculated to release knowledge.
 The practice of these meditations/orANAyAmAs is entirely at the discretion
of the individuals, and no warranties are offered.

-  The material is presented in English, and is as much clear and easy to
understand as possible, but some times it is purposefully cyptic.  Websites
to translate to other languages are welcome, and there will be no charge.

Please visit the site and let me know your

Thanks to Internet today I have an opportunity to present the subject as I
see it today.  Please pass on this message or pass on the contents of the
site to people who do not access to internet.  I plan to repeat this mail
after 12 months to check new comes to this mailing list.

Bhadraiah Mallampalli

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