IE & Semitic roots. Was: Script on excavated terracotta seals from Harappa deciphered????

Jacob Baltuch jacob.baltuch at EURONET.BE
Tue Nov 11 13:49:50 UTC 1997

Beatrice Reusch

>If understood that when writing _IE_  you are tacitly referring
>*exclusively* to PIE (is that it?).


>When comparing with Semitic, is that
>PIE vs *all* Semitic languages or PIE vs *Proto*-Semitic?

I had in mind PS or classical Arabic when describing the
vowel system, but the fact that vowels are not "significant"
(not part of the meaning) but determined only by morphology
(or a lexical category in the case of nouns)
is pretty much the same for all Semitic languages.

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