Book announcement

Axel Michaels axel.michaels at URZ.UNI-HEIDELBERG.DE
Tue Nov 11 18:35:11 UTC 1997

Niels Gutschow's opus magnum on stuupas and caityas in the Kathmandu
Valley has been published recently in a small publishing house normally
not known to Indologists. Since he would be to modest to make it public I
take the liberty to announce it here:

Niels Gutschow: The Nepalese Caitya. 1500 Years of Buddhist Votive
Architecture in the Kathmandu Valley (with drawings by Bijay Basukala and
an essay by David Gellner). Stuttgart/London: Edition Axel Menges
(Lumbini International Reserach Institute; Monograph Series, 1) - 328
pp., 593 pl. - ISBN 3-930698-75-7, DM 198,-

Best wishes, A.M.

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