Script on excavated terracotta seals from Harappa deciphered ????

Vidhyanath Rao vidynath at MATH.OHIO-STATE.EDU
Mon Nov 10 19:18:07 UTC 1997

> The loss of the qualitative distinction in Sanskrit comes I think from
> the collapse of IE *e and *o to Sanskrit a. As to the intrinsic vowel
> of Sanskrit roots I've never quite understood where it came from in IE
> terms (but that's my fault). I mean, it is obvious it is obtained by
> saMprasaaraNa from a semi-vowel. But I didn't know all IE roots _had_ to
> have a semi-vowel.

Ifthe IE root did not end i/u/r/l, the Sanskrit root as given in
dhatupaa.thas will have an `a' in them, like badh, pad, pat (from *bhedh,
*ped, *pet).

The real fun part is explaining such things as bhuu. This seems to
depend on the flavor of the laryngeal theory that the explainer
is believing in at the moment.

> Just like an IE roots has 5 basic forms in which it can be used
> (CeC, Ce:C, CoC, Co:C, CC),

Is Ce:C a variant of CeC or from a totally different root (CeHC)?

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