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Can you please ask you publisher to send a review copy to our review
editor, Carl Olson <colson at>. His mailing address is:

        Professor Carl Olson
        Review Editor, _International Journal of Hindu Studies_
        Department of Religious Studies
        Allegheny College
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On Fri, 7 Nov 1997, Lars Martin Fosse wrote:

> I hope the Indology net members will show patience when I announce this book
> for the second time. The reason is that I announced for the first time in
> July, in the middle of vacation time in several places. Some of those who
> might take interest in the book may then not have received the information.
> I promise not to announce it a third time!
> I would like to announce to the members of Indology that my dissertation now
> is available from Universitetsforlaget, the University Publishing House.
> Data below:
> Lars Martin Fosse: The Crux of Chronology in Sanskrit Literature. Statistics
> and Indology. A Study of Method. Acta Humaniora 21, Scandinavian University
> Press / Universitetsforlaget. Oslo, 1997. Price: NOK 375,- [About USD 50,-]
> The book can be ordered from: NORbillett, P.O.Box 600, 2601 Lillehammer,
> Norway. Tel. +47 61 28 79 00. Fax: +47 61 28 79 80.
> "The book discusses the use of statistical methods in Indological studies,
> particularly in relation to the problem of the relative chronology of
> Sanskrit works. Starting with a historical overview, it gives a critique of
> the statistical work that has been done in the field so far, and then
> proceeds to discuss the concept of style and the traditional problems
> related to linguistic history and the manuscript tradition, both of which
> must be faced by the Sanskrit scholar. The study then discusses the problem
> of textual homogeneity based on the analysis of a large number of
> grammatical and stylistic features, and discusses the historical development
> of Sanskrit as it can be described within the framework of a statistical
> method. While the results reveal problems in finding a combination of
> statistical criteria and advanced statistical techniques which would allow
> the scholar to draw valid conclusions as to the relative age of texts, they
> also indicate that other combinations of criteria and other statistical
> techniques may give better results."
> Best regards,
> Lars Martin Fosse
> Lars Martin Fosse
> Haugerudvn. 76, Leil. 114,
> 0674 Oslo
> Tel: +47 22 32 12 19
> Fax: +47 22 32 12 19
> Email: lmfosse at
> Mobile phone: 90 91 91 45

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