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Mon Nov 3 15:07:50 UTC 1997

At 1:45 +0100 1/11/97, Jacob Baltuch wrote:
>Thanks to Klaus Karttunen for many references. He writes:
>>I think it is unlikely that there is any real connection. ZaGkara was
>>centuries later than Parmenides and there hardly was much knowledge of
>>Greek philosophy preserved in India, where it seems never to have aroused
>>much interest.
>There can also be a connection based on having had a similar fundamental
>intuition and having gone through a similar thought process, entirely in
>an independant fashion.
>I guess it all depends on what one means by "connection".

        I agree. And don't forget a possibly common heritage in unconscient
ideological structures. We can see with Pythagoras an other parallel
development in Greece and India.

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