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In a medieval Tamil text, some 16 stories are told of
men doing different things for the sake of 'kaamam'. Each
story is briefly narrated in a few lines. Is there a Sanskrit
or any other Indian language text giving such a list
in a few pages?

Does Dandin in any of his works talk something like

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1) Agni takes the fire sparks coming out of Shiva's forehead
and leaves it in the river, Ganga. She can't bear Shiva
Viiryam. The fire ends up in sharavana pond and Karttikeya is

2) Upon the sight of Urvasi, Brahma does something
thinking of something else. From the pot (kalasham),
Agastya and VasiStha are born.

3) Mahavishnu, leaving Bhu and Sri, comes down to the
poor Yadava huts to enjoy 16000 Gopikas,

4) Siva's troubles in marrying two girls is wellknown.

5) Karttikeya begs a girl of KuRavar hill tribe
even when he has Devasena,

6) MahiSasura's name is Vikraman. He has a crush
for Devi. Taking the form of Kama, he fights with her.

7) Indra runs away in the form of a cat when Gotama
sees him. He is cursed with 1000 yonis. Is it really
a curse?

8) Chandra enjoys Tara, the wife of his revered Guru.
The planet, Budha is born. Even when the truth is known,
Brhaspati retains Tara and becomes Guru of Indra.

9) Svaha was enjoyed by Agni. She was also enjoyed by Yama.
Each of them eat her after transforming her into a lemon.

10) Arjuna discards the saffron dress and marries
Krishna's sister.

11) Udayana marries Vasavadatta after teaching her
music. A good Guru Dakshina to have.

12) A street theater performer was
given the ultimate teaching by a Guru while the guru's
disciple was away on a tour. Upon return, the student
drinks the spitting of the street dancer to learn
the ultimate mantra.

13) Nala is sent as a messenger by Devas. Ultimately,
he manages to get Damayanti for himself.

14) Parashara marries a fisherwoman. Maccagandhi becomes

15) TilOttama becomes a parrot. Viyasa enjoys her.
Their son's name (Shuka brahmam) is the proof.

16) How can Draupadi  be the wife of five men?

I will send the Tamil text if you want from
aatin^aatan vaLamaTal.

Thanks for any help.

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