The lunar month and gestation

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According to Charaka SaMhitA, gestation occurs 

First month -  the discharge of the male 
and female unite.

Second - the unified fluid condenses and
becomes shaped like a kidney bean.

Third  -  The bodily organs are formed.

Fourth - the bones are formed.

Fifth - skin develops around the body.

Sixth - hair develops.

Seventh - knowledge enters the

Eighth - The fetus takes nourishment through the
umbilical cord.

Ninth - the desire to be born develops (Udvega).

Tenth  - delivery takes place.

According to certain Indian lore, the sex of the child is 
determined by whether the sexual discharge during union
is greater for the male, resulting in a male child, or the 
female, resulting in a female child.

When you combine this belief with the general desire 
for male offspring, I wonder if this had an adverse
effect on female satisfaction...;)

Paul Kekai Manansala

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