the gods

thompson at thompson at
Thu May 29 17:39:00 UTC 1997

In response to this:

>As for the rudeness content, I think everyone bothering to follow this
>exchange will have their own opinion as to which of the postings were most
>guilty of this. In view of Beatrice's recent posting, perhaps we should
>recall what what you yourself said about it being "Vedic to be polite to
>guests".   And let's move on (cordially, if possible).   Regards,   Edwin

I'm prepared to be cordial. But let's be honest also. This is not about
science and religion. It's about Howard's religion, and he doesn't want me
to talk about it.

Fine. I won't talk about Howard's religion. I'll talk about Vedic, exclusively.

kRNo'mi satya'm Uta'ye...


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