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Thu May 29 12:17:33 UTC 1997

Hari Om!

I am new to this newsgroup and hope that a call for manuscripts for a new
Vedantic journal is appropriate.

I am posting this on behalf of the Chinmaya Institute of Higher Learning, a
non-profit educational institute located in Bangalore, India. The goal of our
Institute is to incorporate Vedanta, values and ethics into professional and
personal lives--i.e., the practical application of Vedanta. This institute is
a project being undertaken by Chinmaya Mission, a worldwide Vedantic
organization, which offers education on Vedanta.

Organizational structure:
Chinmaya Mission
   The Chinmaya Institute of Higher Learning (a project undertaken by
Chinmaya Mission)
        The Chinmaya Institute of Management (a division of The Chinmaya
Institute of Higher Learning)

We are going to be starting a new Journal--the title is still under
discussion. Inspired by the universal tenets of Vedanta, the Journal:
- explores the relationship between Vedanta, values and management.
- researches management theories and the practical application of values,
ethics and Vedantic concepts in management.
- investigates the domain of management as a macrocosmic extension of an
individual's complete personality.
- examines management in the context of the Indian ethos. 

The commemorative issue deals with 'Ethics in Business', which explores the
ethical dimension of an organisation. Among other areas, it examines:  
   -- ethics and integrity in human behaviour. 
   -- the need and relevance of ethics in business. 
   -- defining and implementing an ethical organisation. 
   -- problems and solutions to ethical issues in specific areas of
   -- ethical decision making 

We are hoping to receive all articles/papers by July 31, 1997. Papers
relating management concepts to Vedantic ones, whether in the Upanishads,
Gita, epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata, Arthasastra and Dharmasastra and any
other Indian treatises would be very appropriate. 

The target audience consists of academicians, business leaders and
philosophers. The journal is semi-annual and thematic. It has an
international editorial board and will be an international distribution. If
there is any interest in participating in this area, please let me know.

For more information about the Chinmaya Institute of Higher Learning and the
Journal, please visit our web page:

Mytrae Maganti

P.O. Box 17401
Arlington, VA 22201

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