On some recent discussions

B. Reusch reusch at uclink4.berkeley.edu
Wed May 28 20:54:58 UTC 1997

Since I'm indirectly responsible for starting the Agni thread, I thought
I'd add some contextual details.
While I was out of town, Howard Resnick, who has no experience whatsoever
with online lists, was trying to subscribe to Indology and to send in a
post. He did not get through. When I got back home I found a copy of his
message along with his asking for help. Without reading his note I sent it
in on his behalf, and also explained to him how to interact with listproc,
how to post to the list, etc.
I know Resnick is adept at philosophical and logical discussions, but, in
fact, that is not the tone on Indology. Things would have developed
differently, perhaps, had Howard Resnick done what  Greg Downing did a few
weeks ago before he started posting his Max Muller series, namely to
explain he was new to the list.
Knowing all the above helped me understand the thread that ensued Resnick's
first post. The only thing that remains an unanswered question in my mind
is the *need* to jump into the Agni discussion with a quote from Garzilli's
preface. Yet I have put that to rest. It's not that I have to have all
answers in this world.
Consider, for example, how long scholars have been struggling with the Rg
Veda for. (Thus Walter Maurer dedicates his RV translations to all those
who have "endeavored to understand its meaning and convey it to others.")

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