Ganesha Purana manuscripts in Kashmir of Nepal

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Wed May 21 23:29:09 UTC 1997

>To all members of the List,
>I am presently working on a translation of the Uttara Khanda of the Ganesha
>Purana, using three printed editions and five manuscripts.  The latter are
>from Poona and Madras.  A comprehensive search of manuscript catalogues
>reveals that no manuscript is to be found further North than Rajasthan,
>Uttar Pradesh or West Bengal.
>        Is anyone aware of the existence of such manuscripts in Kashmir or
>Nepal. If such exist it is posssible that they may be older than the oldest
>(1745ACE) manuscript I am presently using.
>With best wishes,
>Greg Bailey

Dear Greg,
no manuscripts of the Ganesha Purana can be found in the most important
collection of Sharada MSS in Kashmir (Research Department Library,
Srinagar). As regards the MSS in the Raghunath Temple Library, Jammu, they
are (supposed to be) included in the New Catalogus Catalogorum.  There are
no  Ganesha Purana MSS in the Bir Library, Kathmandu, at least according to
the Samkshiptasucipatra.
Trivandrum Library has at least one MS of the Ganesha Purana (No. 19149,
incomplete, 3600 granthas) which  you  are likely not to be aware of, since
it is included in a supplementary list published only few years ago.  It is
a palm-leaf MS in grantha characters, and I shall be not surprised if it
proves to be older than all the MSS you are using.

With warm regards,

Raffaele Torella
Dipartimento di Studi Orientali
Universita' di Roma "La Sapienza"

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