Varna and Color

Sat May 17 13:07:01 UTC 1997


                 Varna and Color

There is a centuries old attack on Varnasrama system which is
popular too. See,

A. V. Subramania Aiyar (1900-), Kapilarakaval: a medieval poem
on caste: a free English rendering with the text and an introduction
on the evolution of caste and notes with appendices.
Madras, 1975, 123p. OCLC No: 3034800

K. Zvelebil, Kabilar's akaval, New Orient Bimonthly,
Prague, VI, 1961, p. 164-165

There are some more literature registering protest and
citing ill-effects of Varnasrama dharma.
eg., Tamil siddhar poetry, Paayccaluur Pathikam,
Kulacangkaara maalai...,

N. Ganesan

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