grantha script

Sat May 17 01:37:55 UTC 1997

Thanks for the offer, Philip. Sanskrit in grantha characters
is really beautiful. So say many.

It will be a great service, if those fonts are made available.
N. Ganesan

At 01:35 16.5.1997 +0100, GANESANS at wrote:
>         Fonts for Grantha script
>        **************************
>Where can we get grantha script fonts for Windows?
>In the South, many still use grantha characters
>to write or read Sanskrit.
>N. Ganesan

If you don't find any, I might give a shot at designing a Grantha font --
when/if I get time later this summer. I've been dreaming of it ever since I
read Bartolomei's Sanskrit grammar in facsimile! :) I for one don't think
Devanagari particularly beautiful -- with the possible exception of the
font Whitney used in his grammar. Otoh I'm probably pretty alone in finding
Sanskrit in Tibetan script appealing... Chacun a son fa,con, ne c'est pas?


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