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             Tamil related Websites

Here are some of the websites for the Tamil magazines around the world.
Many more exist. For classical Tamil texts, University of Koeln has
a website. One time, Dr. Gary Hausman asked me the website for
Kumutham magazine, the largest selling weekly in India. Here it is.

Hope one day, a database with article titles, author, etc., in 
Tamil archival magazines like Kalaimakal from 1930s,
Senthamizh, Senthamizh Selvi, Tamizhp Pozhil of Karanthai Tamil Sangam,
Amudha Surabi, Pongal & Deepavali souvneirs, Tamil ChuDar sections of
Dinamani is created and available on-line.

I believe, for no Indian language, a bibliography on
articles in quality journals is available in print also.
It will be enormous help for researchers. There is plenty of
bibliographical help for India related materials in English
and good amount on books in Indian languages. But, almost none
on Indian language quality journals! Hope the librarians, South Asia
studies depts., the funding groups take a look at this.

N. Ganesan


Tamil weeklies Anantha vikatan is at http://www.vikatan.com and Kumutham
is at http://www.kumudam.com. Popular tamil daily Dina Mani is at
http://www.dinamani.com and another tamil daily Thina  Boomi is at
http://www.indiadirect.com/thinaboomi/today.  Literary tamil magazine
Kanaiyazhi is at http://www.pcsadvt.com/kanaiyazhi, and weekly news
magazine Nakkeeran is at http://www.pcsadvt.com/nakkheeran.

Abirami Anthathi is available on net at 
http://venus-qe7.griffin.peachnet.edu/abirami/index.html, and
thirukkuRaL is available at
Dr. Kalyana Sundaram, has collected  lots of electronic texts in tamil,
and they are available at http://dcwww.epfl.ch/icp/ICP-2/tamil.html.

There is cybercommunity of people interested in tamil, called Tamil.Net.
You can get more info about this at http://www.tamil.net. People
communicate via tamil e-mail.

There are software packages available, to help you learn tamil.  They
are developed by Dr. Kuppusamy.  And you can get more information on
them at http://members.aol.com/~kalvi.  Murasu is a package of tamil
fonts and various utilities.  More info on it is available at their site
http://www.murasu.com .  They also have a free version of it, Murasu
Anjal, which can be used to communicate in tamil thru emails, for
Windows users.   Dr. Kalyanasundaram has developed tamil fonts for
Windows & Macintosh users,  and he makes it available freely for
everybody, and you can get more info on that from

You can listen to this week's top 10 tamil movie songs (very good
quality!) from http://www.indiadirect.com/audio/index.html.  Also they
have "ungal viruppam", where you can request a song, and they'll play it
for you. Another excellent site for tamil movie lovers is
http://www.tamilcinema.com.  It contains lots of information about all
time tamil movies.  For tamil movie song lovers, there is this "Tamil
Film Music Page" at
You can listen to live programs from Malaysian tamil radio at
http://www.asiaconnect.com.my/rtm-net/live.  Tamil drama artist S. Ve.
Sekhar's home page is at

By any means, this is not the complete list of tamil sites.  These are
the ones that I've come across.

S. Periyasamy * speri at blkbox.com * http://www.blkbox.com/~speri/


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