Wed May 14 11:42:10 UTC 1997

On 13 May Lynn Foulston has written
>Dear List Menbers,
>Could anyone help me?
>I am looking for an Oriya font that would be suitable for use in Word 
>documents.  If anyone has any information I would be most grateful.
>Lynn Foulston
C-DAC of Poona has produced wordprocessor called LEAP with fonts 
for all indian languages. CDROM distributed with PCQUEST October 96 
issue  carried a trial version called LEAP LITE in which there is a 
single font for each language and the facility tosave only a single 
page. The keyboard layout is the same for the same letters in all 
languages. Additional letters charecteristic of individual languages 
are present. You can type a phonetic version in english and get the 
transliterated output in the scritp of that language.I am using it and 
I think that this will be useful to people who are working in Indology.
Address of C-DAC
C-DAC, Gist Group,
(Centre for Developement of Advanced Computing)
Pune University Campus, Ganesh Khind
PUNE - 411 007
Email: leap at
You can also try to get the CDROM containing the trail version 
LEAP Lite from PCQUEST Magazine people. Address
Customer Support Executive
D-74,Panchseel Enclave
NEW DELHI - 110 017
Fax: 011-6475765. Email: rse at

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