hair's colour in sanskrit

Vidhyanath Rao vidynath at
Fri May 9 17:51:07 UTC 1997

JAYABARATHI <jaybee at> wrote:
>[...] 	In the same source , Indra was described as having stout
> 	neck, very muscular body and yellow hair and whiskers and beard.

I thought that everything connected to Indra was supposed to be

There is wide variation in the location of color boundaries among
cultures. I suspect that the boundaries may also drift over time.
Given this, how sure are we about the precise meaning of color terms
in the Vedas? For example, `hari' is supposed to mean tawny, yellow
and green! All dark colors seem to be lumped together, not
distinuished by tint. [reminds me of the Hanunoo color terms meantioned
by Comrie in his book on typology.] Without precise demarcation of
color terms, how can we proceed to talk about hair color, or even
horse colors? Were Indra's horses conceived of as roan or yellow
(are there horses yellow like lemons?) or green (green horses?)?


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