Some thoughts on Sanskritization or Tantrification?

Paliath Narendran dran at
Fri May 9 02:40:04 UTC 1997

> > I think Kerala is a model of what could have happened in Punjab 2500 years
> > earlier. Kerala, known for its tantric practices, can be studied with respect
> > to hypergamy, language change, religious change and continuity as an example
> > of history repeating itself.
> Au contraire, Kerala always sticks out like a sore thumb (no offence
> intended) as compared to the rest of India. 

That's okay, Vidya. I am quite sure none are taken.

Vidya's point is also relevant regarding the earlier
generalization about the influence of movie actors in
South-Indian politics: Movie actors have had great success in
politics in Tamil Nadu and Andhra, and perhaps some in Karnataka
(Rajkumar?). But they have had no influence at all in Kerala

Even the reactions to Hindi couldn't be more different than
between that in Kerala and in Tamil Nadu. There has been
virtually no protest whatsoever in Kerala over this, as far as I
know. I studied in Kerala from '61 till '73 --- I don't remember
any politician or educator objecting to Hindi during that time.


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