hair's colour in sanskrit

Lars Martin Fosse l.m.fosse at
Thu May 8 07:09:46 UTC 1997

Allen W. Thrasher wrote:

>Could "municipality-colored" be anything like what in the US we call
>"dirty blonde?"  Or is it paler?  As I use it, "dirty blonde" refers or at
>least can refer to a blonde shading into brown, somewhat like the color of
>brass, though I guess I also use it for something paler than brass.

I think the colour of brass would be to "strong". "Municipality-coloured"
means something that is drab and dreary, the sort of stuff your municipality
might produce when making a public building, or blessing you with public
information in a particularly unappealing brochure. It could probably be
described as light brown shading into grey, and is as I said very
lack-lustre. Beautiful hair has strong, vibrant colours, whether it be
blonde, chestnut or black. 

Lars Martin Fosse

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