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Aditya Mishra(The Hindu Sceptic says):
>Yes, it is  both ironic and paradoxical. The real discrimination in
>India is based on caste and not color although Varna is also a 

Well, I am sure there are any number of Indians who will express
the opposite opinion on the basis of their real life experience. 
No less a person( or God) than Lord Krsna is supposed to
have been "discriminated"( or at least made fun of)because of his
dark complexion  as the following lines( written by Surdas) tell us:

 Maiya, mohi dau bahut khijAyou |
 mosoun kahat mol kou leenhoun, tu jasumati kab jAyou?
 kahA karoun ris ke mAre, khelan houn nahi jAt |
 puni-puni kahat kaun hai mAtA, ko hai tero tAt  ||
 gore nand jasoda goree, too kat syAmal gAt |

 chutkee dai-dai gvAl nachAvat, hasat sabai musukAt ||

  The underlined words tell us that Krsna bhagvaan also had his leg 
pulled , if not "discriminated" against by his playmates, who belonged
to the same caste as Krsna( gvAl/Cowherd). The early part of the life
of Krsna is sprinkled with such incidents. Keeping in view our own 
contemporary experiences as well as such mythological "evidence", is
it still possible to convince ourselves of the fact that discrimination is/was 
based on caste and NOT on color?


>for color. When they refer to color they instinctively mean Varna.
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