Boat Song

jacob.baltuch at jacob.baltuch at
Sun May 4 01:38:58 UTC 1997

Something I have just caught on CNN International [1]: there seems to be
a new movie out on the life and music of three great women singers of
Carnatic music, M.S.Subbulakshmi, T.K.Pattamal and T.Brinda (who died shortly
after the shooting of the movie was completed).

It's called "Boat Song" and it was produced by Saroj Satyanarayan.

their music (there's other sources) but hearing them talk. Apparently, at least
for M.S.Subbulakshmi, this was the first time she'd accepted to be interviewed
(and even now she was actually talking thru her husband: she whispered into
into her husband's ear what she wanted to say and her husband would then
repeat it out loud)

[1] If it matters, it was on "Inside Asia", and the report was by Anita Pratap.

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