Some thoughts on Sanskritization or Tantrification?

Anthony P Stone stone_catend at
Fri May 2 06:11:49 UTC 1997

In the area of the history of astrology, Palaniappa is absolutely right
about the existence of 'tantrification'.    

For instance,  Varahamihira's da;saa systems (on periods of life) are less
popular, I gather, than Vim;sottarii and A.s.tottarii das;saa which are of
Tantric origin.   And the method of choosing a nak.satranaama for a baby by
the 'cucecolaa;svinii'  text is a Tantric use of the 5 vowels (it contains
'aiuek.rttikaa' which shows that the system takes K.rttika as the first
nak.satra).   And so on.

Tony Stone

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