Thu May 1 21:56:46 UTC 1997

   Re: vimAnam

I guess Robert Anderson is the same person who dated a copper head
as an Indus valley object and that of Vasishtha!

Harry Hicks and Robert N. Anderson, Analysis of an Indo-European
Vedic Aryan Head -4500-2500 BC, Jl. of Indo-European studies.

In 1991, 1993, 1996, in Indology list, people said that
the copper head must be about 1000 years or so.
"dating this thing earlier than the beginning the 
current millennium would be absurd".

The radio-carbon dating in the original article did not cite 
any laboratory reference. 

Anderson's paper is the bedrock for many publications
trying to show that Indus civilization is "Vedic".
People like David Frawley extensively quote Anderson's

Soon, we will have "scientific" papers about
India's vaimAnika achievements based on
Anderson's researches!

hindutvam jayati,
N. Ganesan

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