question regarding Vimaana "flying machines"

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Thu May 1 18:21:36 UTC 1997

On Wed, 30 Apr 1997, Madhav Deshpande wrote:

> You may also look up the following:
> 	Vaimaanika-prakara.nam, part of Yantrasarvasva ascribed to sage
> Bharadvaaja, (English title: Maharshi Bharadwaaja's Vymaanika-shaastra or
> Science of Aeronautics, as revealed to venerable Pandit Subbaraya Sastry,
> translated into English by G.R. Josyer) printed at the Coronation Press,
> Mysore).  No date of publication on my copy, but it appears to have been
> published shortly after 1973, the date of the Foreword.

I came across a paper (1990) compiled by CSHN Murthy from Hyderabad,
called "Vedic Aircrafts -- A challenge to NASA scientists".  
The paper states that the Hindi version of Vimanika-prakaranam was 
first published in 1959.  

Personally have not seen that version or the English version (by 
G.R. Josyer), but the paper claims that many alloys, ceramics and 
other "high-tech" stuff are described in Vimanika-prakaranam.  A 
list of 20 alloys was described in that paper.  Further the paper 
claims that a certain Dr. Robert Anderson of St.Jose (San Jose?) 
State University, USA examined an alloy (Tamogarbha).  Anybody 
know whether there is any truth to this?

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