Dominique.Thillaud thillaud at unice.fr
Mon Mar 31 21:28:46 UTC 1997

At 17:05 +0200 31/03/97, Jacob Baltuch wrote:
>Dominique Thillaud wrote:
>>Incidentally, is there a way to get (maybe in email :)
>>an honest assessment of J. Baltuch as an Indologist?
>Here's a quick assessment: J. Baltuch is not an Indologist.
>This is precisely *why* I can't judge by myself the
>value of A. Danielou's scholarship and I asked Indologists
>for help.
>I am completely mystified as to what may have caused
>Dominique's anger. Don't scholars review each other's work?

	Dear Jacob,
I apology sincerely, I believe I was still in the debate about
indogermanisch (a propos, what do you think about an 'eurindian' without
any hiatus) and the problems of nationalism.

	Dear other 'Indologists',
Perhaps I was mystified myself by the form of the query, not about a work
but about a man.
I don't know all the works of A. Danielou, I just use his 'Le Polytheisme
hindou' who is very helpful to me (perhaps more than Gonda's 'Les Religions
de l'Inde' or Renou's 'Inde classique') with a good index and giving many
God's names. He is a good theologist and explains well some difficult
May be his last works are not so good, I don't know. But if you judge him
from this works, the consequence is clear: as a new Solon, you can say
someone is an Indologist only after his death and only if you find *all*
his work scholarly acceptable. That's too much, I'm really afraid, I'll
never be an Indologist by this way!

	Dear David,
What against hipness, beat generation or like ? Are you so young ? I'm 55
and I like still music, women and sometime a good whiskey or a bit of
'cannabis indica'. Indologist, no ? ;-)
And I have a good feeling with Hermes, Ganesha, Aphrodite and Sarasvati.
And I like Danielou's family (one was roman church's cardinal, Bunuel's
fan, good and fine speaker and gave his soul to God in a worehouse).
And I'm a scholar (and a scientific one). Strange ?

Regards to all,
	Dominique (O->, a man, nobody's perfect)

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