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Mon Mar 31 07:04:01 UTC 1997

An addendum to my earlier message:

There is also a selection of Gita verses recited by Jitendra Abhisheki on a
Ravi Shankar record. I do not have any other details available, but I
recall vaguely that I heard the record at about the same time I heard Ravi
Shankaræs _Festival from India_ set of two (?) LPs  . Although Mr.
Abhisheki, a highly respected singer and music teacher, knows Sanskrit,
this particular production going under his name should not bought. It is
full of pronunciation errors one does not expect of Abhisheki.  I consider
it very likely that the recording editor, not knowing Skt,included in the
final master copy the trial recordings or erroneous parts Abhisheki advised
him to exclude.

After writing my earlier message, I have spent the last few hours checking
the quality of a Gita recording I had made on two tape reels for my
students. The tape reels master is dated 19 September 1971.  I had stored
it away because nowadays I hardly ever listen to tape reels. I was
pleasantly surprised to find that the quality of the recording is not at
all bad and that the master is still in good shape. I have transferred its
contents onto two good-quality ninety-minute cassettes in a slightly edited
form, thus creating a new master.

The contents consist of a clear, non-musical recitation of all the eighteen
chapters along with their colophons.  (I will not be able to give a musical
recitation even if I wanted to!).  The text followed is the one found in
S.K. Belvalkaræs critical edition.

I should be able to provide copies to interested persons after the end of
April. I estimate that the cost, including handling and postage, for the
two-cassette set would be US$15.00  (I will not be making the copies myself
for want of time. Also, I may need help in handling packing and posting).

Ashok Aklujkar, Professor, Department of Asian Studies, University of
British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6T 1Z2.

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