"Sandhyabasha" [sic] / & erratum

David R. Israel davidi at wizard.net
Sun Mar 30 15:32:12 UTC 1997

small erratum --

I wrote,
> ALSO, while on this Sanskrit poetics topic: . . . the lovely-looking
> translation of Sanskrit poetry verses, in which American poet W.S.
> Merwin was involved, entitled *The Peacock's Egg* (published by the
> erstwhile North Point Press). . .  Merwin collaborated w/ that
> psycholigist chap Massoud . . .

I guess the name is more like Masson (?) -- (my copy of said book isn't 
on hand right now).  From his annotations & such in *Peacock's Egg*, 
one got the impression of Masson as a serious Sanskritist (unlike 
poet Merwin, who simply worked -- as poets sometimes do -- from notes 
provided by his language-expert collaborator).  I do recall 
references to other works (or articles) Masson had published re: Skt. 
poetics or the like.  I guess I'm simply wondering or curious about 
Masson's general repute in the field -- as well, more particularly, 
abt. *The Peacock's Egg* (in terms of critical assessment).

Also, from N. Ganesan's presentation of Sakta reference works (for 
which, thanks), I begin to wonder if my recollection is amiss, re: a 
sense of what's intended by "twilight speech" -- but perhaps as a 
technical term in Skt. poetics, *Sandhya bhasa* was broad enough to 
encompass various (general & specific) sorts of irony? (including 
those practiced by the So.Indian Saktas, as referenced by Ganesan)?

regards, d.i.
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