Swami Vishvarupananda omkar at
Sat Mar 29 09:33:28 UTC 1997

Chandan Narayan wrote:

It's funny that the word kuDumi is used in anecdote connected
with this word is here described:

In my first attempts at understanding the nuances of high school
calculus, my father would observe me in this seemingly never-ending
struggle and exclaim..."kuDami mAdri vASkI" (in Hebbar tamil translates
into "read like a bookworm!")

In KannaDa, kuDami is most often associated with intense studying, in a
greater context of ridicule. I guess this has to do with and
their association with studying/reading. 

I know a pandit whose churki was tied (by a rope) to a hook by his grandfather while teaching him, so that he had to sit straight and stay put! That happened many years ago, of course.


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