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Fri Mar 28 12:57:22 UTC 1997

Francois Patte has kindly made available a Mac executable for the current
version of the Velthuis TeX Devanagari (including hyphenation).

This is now available via the INDOLOGY web site, under "Supplementary
files...".  See file "Devanagari.sea.hqx[.readme]".
This can also be fetched by ftp directly from

On Fri, 28 Mar 1997, Patte wrote:

> You will find attached with this mail a file "Devanagari.sea.hqx". It is
> a folder for the use of Velthuis's devanagari with OzTeX on a Mac-Intosh.
> This contains : - a short note to install
>            - latest version of preprocessor "devnag" which make hyphenation
>              avalaible.
>            - latest version of *.mf and *.tfm files to be run with this version
>              of the preprocessor.
>            - dev2e.sty, OT1dn.fd
> I hope this will be helpfull for those who run Mac-Intosh.
> I'll make the same with latest version of "sanskrit's Wikner"

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