european musical instruments in India

Das Menon dmenon at
Fri Mar 28 02:57:04 UTC 1997

In an earlier posting Max Langley referred to the scratchiness of the bowing 
of Indian violinists.

Perhaps he should listen to  a virtuoso like Kunnakudi Vaidanathan who has 
demonstrated the full extend of the capability of the Violin in Indian music. 
Many purists (all?) would object to Mr. Vaidanathan's style of playing. I 
have watched a couple of his live performances and has listened to a 
number of his recordings, and I have not noticed any scratchiness in his 
bowing, even at his highest speed of playing. I am sure that even the best 
western violinist will be hard pressed to play the violin without scratchiness 
at the speed with which Mr. Vaidanathan plays.

What I wish to point out is that it is certainly possible to play the violin in 
the style of the Carnatic music without any scratchiness. I mentioned Mr. 
Vaidanathan, because he is well known, I have watched a number of other 
men and women musicians (from age 15 to 73) who plays without any 


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