Chandan Raghava Narayan cnarayan at
Fri Mar 28 15:34:42 UTC 1997

In Kannada, or at least our particular brand of it, the top knot is called
ju.tu . Any true Kannada speakers can correct me....
In my own Upanayanam, which happened twelve years ago in Chikamagaluru, I
was spared this ritual, but endured a "symbolic" cutting of a few
strands of hair by the village barber, phew.
Amongst many  Iyengars, and Madhavas, the top knot is still worn, but
differently than the "run-of-the-mill" tail at the top of the head.
Instead, the front of the scalp is shaved and the rest of the hair is
allowed to grow long, and then tied up. 
If anyone can explain this in a more thorough manner, please do so...I
would love to hear it!

Chandan Narayan 

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