european musical instruments in India

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Thu Mar 27 01:55:43 UTC 1997

Max Langley wrote:

>The ancestor of both the violin and sarod was the
>rebab, an Afghani one-stringed fiddle.

As far the violin is concerned, the filiation is:

rabAb (probably introduced thru Muslim Spain. Central Asian, not native
       Arabic instrument?)
rebec (a 3-stringed Medieval pear shaped fiddle of W. Europe. Name also
       comes from the rabAb, obviously)
viola (da braccio), in other words the viola (not directly the violin)

The violin (Ital. violino is a diminutive of viola) is a "dessus" (soprano)
of viola. The original instrument is the viola (called "alto" in French,
from "alto de viola" and "Bratsche" in German, from "(da) braccio").

Re: early (1800s) violin "technology" found in Carnatic violin. Is the
bow different from the usual bow? Bow type changed radically in Europe
around 1820.

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