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On Mon, 24 Mar 1997 03:23:08 GMT, Edgard Leite wrote:

>I'm looking for recent bibliography about karma and rebirth in early 
>upanisads and arcaic buddhism.I would very much appreciate any 
>suggestions from the members os the list.
>Thanks in advance,
>Prof.Dr. Edgard Leite
>Department of History
>Rio de Janeiro State University
>elfn at antares.com.br

See, e.g, the just published paper by Klaus Butzenberger: "Ancient Indian 
Conceptions on Man's Destiny After Death. The Beginnings and the Early 
Development of the Doctrine of Transmigration. I", in: Berliner 
Indologische Studien 9/10 (1996), pp. 55-118.

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