Vikram Seth (again)

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> [on a cricket match]
> 	Pran looked acros at the pavilion section and was completely taken
> aback.
> 	'Oh, Malvolio!' he said, as if he had seen Banquo instead.
> 	'What was that?' said Haresh.
> 	'Nothing. I suddenly remembered something I had to teach next term.
> Cricket balls, my liege. Something just struck me. No, I - I can't say for
> sure that I recognize him - I think you'd better ask the Calcutta people.'
> Again, the same. The phrase 'Cricket balls, my liege.' Any suggestions?

     I got this one as well.  Suddenly popped into my head this evening.  A
parody of "Tennis-balls, my liege" (Henry the Fifth, Act 1, Scene 2, line

                                            L. McCrea

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