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Subject: Sanskrit and Pali Software

Liberation Philology
453 Duke Street
Cambridge, Ontario
Canada N3H 3S9

Liberation Philology Software offers full sets of low-cost,
no-nonsense, user-friendly computer programs to help beginning
and intermediate students of a variety of languages master
the basics of grammar and vocabulary.
Each set of programs includes, as appropriate,
full paradigms and drills for all necessary
regular and irregular verbs, declensions of nouns,
and flash-card vocabulary quizzes of hundreds of
basic words derived from standard textbooks
or from frequency analysis of a suitable corpus.
In the self-testing quizzes which follow instruction,
students may alternate between multiple choice tests,
"fill-in-the-missing form" tests, and parsing tests.
Except as noted, the programs run on any DOS (IBM-compatible)
computer or on any Macintosh (or MacOS compatible)
computer (System 6.0.5 or higher).

Each set is individually registered to a single user.
The programs may not be "shared" with others.

We need to know your
Full Personal Name (Essential!)
Full Postal Address:
E-mail Address
Platform and disk size :
DOS (3 1/2" DD), DOS(3 1/2" HD), or MacOS (3 1/2" HD)

Be sure to affix sufficient postage for a letter to Canada.
For orders from outside Canada and the U.S.A.
e-mail LibPhil at for details

For demonstration versions of many of these programs and
shareware programs for a variety of other languages
(Basque, Cornish, Nahuatl, Romontsch, Urdu etc.)
visit our Net site

          Price List

* Ancient and NT Greek
          (Mac Only; 7.1 or higher; 4 MB RAM): $29.95
* Bulgarian Vocabulary
          (Mac Only; 7.1 or higher; 4 MB RAM): $10.95
* Catalan: $19.95
* Dutch: $19.95
* Esperanto Vocabulary: $10.95
* French (DOS only): $19.95
* German Vocabulary: $10.95
* Wulfilan Gothic: $19.95
* Irish Vocabulary (Modern and Medieval): $10.95
* Latin: $19.95
* Old English: $19.95
* Lithuanian Vocabulary : $10.95
* Old Norse Vocabulary: $10.95
* Old Occitan (Medieval Provencal): $19.95
* Pali Nouns (transliterated): $10.95
* Portuguese: $19.95
* Cuzco Quechua Vocabulary: $10.95
* Russian Nouns
          (Mac Only; 7.1 or higher; 4 MB RAM): $10.95
* Sanskrit (Devanagari and transliterated)
          (Mac Only; 7.1 or higher; 4 MB RAM): $29.95
* Sanskrit (transliterated) (DOS Only): $19.95
* Scottish Gaelic Vocabulary: $10.95
* Welsh Vocabulary: $10.95
* Yiddish Vocabulary (transliterated and
          in Hebrew Characters) (Mac Only): $10.95
* Yiddish Vocabulary (transliterated) (DOS Only): $10.95

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