Sylvia Murr's dissertation in English ?

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I think the following, highly acclaimed, title needs no introduction:

Ti = A description of the character, manners and customs of the people of
     India and of their institutions, religious and civil   
Au = J. A. Dubois.

[I think the original French title goes like: Moeurs, institutions et
crmonies des peuples de l'Inde, 1817]

What I recently read was that Sylvia Murr, a French scholar, had come out
with a thesis that this famous treatise  was plagiarised from a Jesuit
missionary of earlier generation. 

So, I went searching for her thesis and found in Univ-Tuebingen catalogues:

L' indologie du Pre CoEurdoux : stratgies, apologtique et scientificit  /
par Sylvia Murr. - Paris, 1987. - VI, 250 S. : Kt.; (franz.)
(L' Inde philosophique entre Bossuet et Voltaire ; 2)
(Publications de l'cole Franaise d'Extrme-Orient ; 146)
Zugl.: Paris, Univ. III, Diss., 1982

As I am, unfortunately, not proficient in French, am looking for an English
translation of the above thesis, or any publications (in Engl) from 
Ms. Murr discussing this spurious authorship issue.

Your help is highly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,

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