ANNOUNCE: upgrade of SKT-series fonts

Charles Wikner WIKNER at
Tue Mar 18 10:10:06 UTC 1997

ANNOUNCE: Upgrade of SKT-series Devanagari font package.

In response to user requests, this package has undergone major changes:

 o  Accents for ALL Vedas (23 symbols in devanagari, 25 in roman).
    In transliteration the *form* follows that of the nagari.

 o  Accent marking in colour or grey shading.

 o  Choice of basic character forms (21), e.g. for a .r .na.

 o  Wide selection of samyoga forms (70 interacting options):
    a table in the documentation lists more than one thousand 
    samyogas together with their optional forms in devanagari.

 o  Range of inter- and intra-syllable spacing.

 o  Dynamic option selection (replaces skt.opt file).

The upgraded files are currently on CTAN in the /language/sanskrit
subdirectory.  A 600-kByte 600-dpi PostScript print file of the 
documentation and samples is available by anonymous ftp from:

This site is rather overloaded: you may find the Jaguar temporary
site more accessible:

Charles Wikner.
wikner at

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