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Mon Mar 17 21:20:49 UTC 1997

Edwin wrote:

>Can any of the astronomers out there kindly tell me:
>1) Which nak.satra the vernal equinox presently occurs in?

There is some disagreement on the exact value of the ayanaa.m'sa (the
difference between the tropical and sidereal zodiacs), but I think everyone
-- every Indian jyotishin, that is -- agrees that the vernal equinox (0
degrees tropical Aries) falls somewhere in the beginning of
Uttarabhadra(pada). Using Lahiri's value, adopted by the official Calendar
Committee some decades back, the one coming up in three days' time will be
at 6 deg 10 min 49 sec in Pisces, meaning 2 deg 50 min 49 sec into Uttarabhadra.

I've no idea about the, I'm afraid.

Martin Gansten

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