The US translation market and YOU

Steve Lombardi customerservice at
Mon Mar 17 15:15:25 UTC 1997

This is of interest only to translators <> English.
How big is the US translation market?
How many Agencies operate in this market?
What size are the Agencies in US?

How can I increase my prices without losing my current customers?
How can I approach the biggest and richest translation market in the world, if I don't live in the USA?
What is the price paid by US agencies for my language combination?

You find an answer to all the above questions at:

At the site you can prepare your professional resume, checking that ALL the information the US agencies are looking for is included, in a short format.
You can also post your resume as your home page in a translator database, for a small annual fee.  Basic registration in the database is free.
You can purchase sets of mailing labels of 500 agencies to whom you can mail your resume, or, if you prefer, you can have the resume faxed by AAANetServ directly.

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