Q: IGNCA - Gitagovinda

Jakub Cejka Visitor-Sanskrit jakub at unipune.ernet.in
Sat Mar 15 22:48:17 UTC 1997

 Does anybody know some information about a research project 
 done on Gitagovinda in IGNCA by Kapila Vatsyayan et al  ?
 I wrote there but got no reply so far. I'd appreciate some names of
 scholars who were involved in it (anyone of them residing in Calcutta?).
 I have some vague information that it was basically a research on GG's
 representation in art, dance... Were some textual studies of GG itself a
 part of it?
  Thanks for any info (which I'll be able to receive till 22.March)

Jakub Cejka
Dept. of Sanskrit, University of Pune
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