Erik Hoogcarspel jehms at
Thu Mar 13 14:35:28 UTC 1997

Op 12-maa-97 schreef Jacob Baltuch:

>I wrote

>>I was told that even
>>the Dutch, who have pretty much abandoned "indogermaanse" for
>>"indoeuropese", still often use "Indogermanen" because "Indoeuropeërs"
>>sounds so awkward.

>I apologize to all Dutch speakers for butchering the grammar
>of the beautiful Dutch tongue (inadvertently)

>Of course the "names" of the adjectives should be their stem.
>Thus: "indogermaans" or "indoeuropees".

>But you would say "indogermaanse talen" or "indoeuropese talen".

>The only language that one is entitled to butcher on the net
>is of course English. That's the downside of being
>an international language :)

As far as I can remember in Groningen University everybody of the Indology
department used the expression "Indoeuropese talen" and I've no recollection
of having heard someone at Leiden University talking about "Indogermaanse
talen" either. The expression would for a Dutch audience strongly suggest the
exclusion of Anglo-Saxon, Greek and Roman languages.

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