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Tue Mar 11 23:55:20 UTC 1997

>The answer to Peter Flugel is that people on this list are
>pursuing some agenda of political correctness under the guise
>of academic pedantry!
>peter moore

I myself wonder about the "agenda" of people who are more disturbed by
political correctness than they are by what Dominique Thillaud eloquently
calls "nazionalism".  It's a matter of personal preference, I guess.

We all know that languages change [*even* one's own, by the way], and
sometimes for poltiical reasons.  American English has not suffered, as far
as I can see, from the disappearance of the "semantically inoffensive" word
"Negro" but I haven't heard or seen anyone use it, except quotatively, in a
very long time.

I apologize to Georg von Simson and others, because I know that this thread
has annoyed them, but to tell the truth sneers at political correctness
annoy me.

In any case, we have learned a little bit more about who we are talking to,
haven't we [a few years ago, by the way, I would have written "whom."  Not
anymore: I'm flexible].

George Thompson

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