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Tue Mar 11 16:38:36 UTC 1997

This thread about the threatening un-word 'Indo-Germanic'
is treading on for so long that even I dare come out of
the lurker mode with which I hope are some useful remarks
and suggestions:

The chart I have in front of me shows the following language
groups as direct derivations from 'Proto-IE'/'IG' or whatever:

    Balto-Slavic, Germanic, Celtic, Italic, Illyrian, 
    Albanian, Thracian, Hellenic, Armenian, Anatolian, 
    Indo-Iranian, and Tocharian

Several of these groups are neither European nor Indic and
I doubt very much that members of these ethnic and linguistic
groups would be happy with either IE or IG.

To provide equal opportunity for these minorities I suggest
to form a new word, formed by the initial character
of each these language groups:

 There are many possibilities, of course, but my personal 
favorite is 


It has somehow a noble touch to it.


PS: Did anybody ever successfully pronounce the IE equivalent
to 'Indogermanistik' in either German or English?

If so, I have some free cards for the next congress of
the Klingon Language Institute - provided you have the guts 
to stand up in front of the (pseudo) Klingon assembly and
pronounce it in public three times in a row (and survive

 Maximilian J. Sandor, Ph.D.

 max at
 msandor at

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