Lars Martin Fosse l.m.fosse at
Mon Mar 10 09:23:24 UTC 1997

Erik Hoogcarspel wrote:
>It's still remarkable that someone invented the word "Indo-Germanic" and
>nobody came up with "Indo-Dutch", "Indo-Irish" or "Indo-Italian". If it's a
>nazi-word, then it shouldn't be used anymore. If not then it still is a sign
>of blunt and naieve nationalism. And maybe some people could be tempted to
>jump to conclusions. There have been quite a few German philosophers, like
>f.i. Martin Heidegger, who really believed that the German people were "das
>metafysische Volk" and the true heirs of ancient Greek civilisation. Some of
>those have still followers today. I would rather not be forgiving about it,
>better safe than sorry. Let's drop the word.

I would agree that Indo-Romance is just as good a term as Indo-Germanic. The
point is rather that Indo-Germanic has been round for some time. It is much
older than the Nazi period, and as such not a Nazi term, although the Nazis
probably liked it a lot. Regardless of the imaginings of Martin Heidegger,
and the more or less bizarre nationalist ideas entertained not only by the
Germans but by practically everybody else at the turn of the century, I
still think that the term is not worth the trouble of a sincere discussion.
At best, you will achieve that it becomes re-ideologized. Anyway, it is up
to those people who actually use the term, that is, our German-speaking
brethren, to decide what to do about it. We are all free to choose the term
we want to use, and we should continue to have this freedom. 

Anyway, I have had my say in this discussion. The rest of you may go on
thrashing it out if you like! Best of luck!

Lars Martin 

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