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Sun Mar 9 21:16:43 UTC 1997

>It's still remarkable that someone invented the word "Indo-Germanic" and
>nobody came up with "Indo-Dutch", "Indo-Irish" or "Indo-Italian". If it's a
>nazi-word, then it shouldn't be used anymore. If not then it still is a sign
>of blunt and naieve nationalism. And maybe some people could be tempted to
>jump to conclusions. There have been quite a few German philosophers, like
>f.i. Martin Heidegger, who really believed that the German people were "das
>metafysische Volk" and the true heirs of ancient Greek civilisation. Some of
>those have still followers today. I would rather not be forgiving about it,
>better safe than sorry. Let's drop the word.
>Erik Hoogcarspel


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