A genetic study of N. Indian population

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>Hello all,
>Regarding the article on the genetic study of certain peoples of
>North Indian provinces, It seems that this study may be the first of its
>kind. This article got my attention because it was mentioned that these
>studies were done on some inhabitants of Uttar Pradesh. Would anyone
>happen to know whether certain specific groups, or castes, were tested, or
>whether it was a random study of peoples of various caste, ethnic, etc.
>background? Also would anyone know if the report for this study was
>I realize that the British did much in trying to assemble ethnographic
>data of Her Majesty's subjects and had published these records in numerous
>Census of India volumes. But nothing like this!

You may want to have a look at the following book:

The History and Geography of Human Genes.
by: L. Luca Cavalli-Sforza, Paolo Menozzi and Alberto Piazza. Princeton
University Press, 1994. 

It treats the genetic map of the world quite comprehensively, and has a fair
amount of data on South Asia.

Best regards,

Lars Martin Fosse

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