A genetic study of N. Indian population

Anshuman Pandey apandey at u.washington.edu
Fri Mar 7 09:46:28 UTC 1997

Hello all,

Regarding the article on the genetic study of certain peoples of
North Indian provinces, It seems that this study may be the first of its
kind. This article got my attention because it was mentioned that these
studies were done on some inhabitants of Uttar Pradesh. Would anyone
happen to know whether certain specific groups, or castes, were tested, or
whether it was a random study of peoples of various caste, ethnic, etc.
background? Also would anyone know if the report for this study was

I realize that the British did much in trying to assemble ethnographic
data of Her Majesty's subjects and had published these records in numerous
Census of India volumes. But nothing like this!

Anshuman Pandey
University of Washington
apandey at u.washington.edu

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